Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater -- Book Review

Maggie Stiefvater does it again in the spin-off of The Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy, keeping true to character and providing promised heart-wrenching angst between the tumultuous duo of Cole and Isabel.

Impulsive and recalcitrant Cole St. Clair is in Los Angeles for Isabel, the girl who lost her brother to the toxins Cole willingly pumps through his veins, wolf toxins. But L.A. also brings Cole a new album and a reality TV show deal that make being with Isabel and staying human, as opposed to wolf, very difficult. Cole and Isabel had a past back in Minnesota but a lot has changed since then. He wants to make things right but will his destructive nature be too much for Isabel?

Cole and Isabel have always been known for their very distinctive characteristics that are almost impossible to describe in just a few words. They are really better described in actions. Take Cole for instance, who would rather walk several miles to L.A. than sit in traffic in his limo. Cole and Isabel's character quirks only escalate from there. Stiefvater keeps true to the characters quirks all throughout the book and the duo really drive the novel. Both of the characters are also dealing with a lot and the emotions ring true through the writing. The minor characters are also fully fleshed out and bring another level to the story. Fans of the Mercy Falls Trilogy will enjoy a bunch of fresh faces that interact with Cole and Isabel nicely.

Stiefvater never fails to create a story that feels genuine and is consistent throughout and Sinner is no exception.

The writing style can be a little jumpy and leave the reader hanging at the end of emotional scenes but the story as a whole is worth pushing through.

The perpetually sunny L.A. plays nicely into the story and as someone who hated the snow and freezing climate of Mercy Falls in the trilogy, this was a nice change for me. The setting is also an ironic back drop to the emotional rollercoaster ride in Sinner.

Overall, Sinner is steamy and unpredictable and everything I could have asked for in a spin-off with two of the most frustratingly lovable characters in fiction.

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